Enchantments list

  • Fortune - Chance to give you more blocks when mining

  • Key Finder - Chance to give you keys while mining

  • Token Miner - Chance to give you additional tokens while mining

  • Lucky - Chance to give you gems or crystals while mining

  • Token Merchant - Chance to duplicate the rewards gained from Token Miner

  • Gem Finder - Chance to find gems while mining

  • Crystal Finder - Chance to find crystals while mining

  • Holy - Chance to give you keys, gems, tokens and other goods while mining

  • BuyCraft - Chance to give you BuyCraft coupons code while mining

  • Jackhammer - Chance to break the whole layer of a mine

  • Nuke - Chance to explode all your mine at once

  • Strike - Chance to throw a lightning that will produce an explosion

  • Quake - Chance to throw arrows that will explode on land

  • Meteorite - Chance to rain TNTs in form of meteorites that will make huge explosions

  • Suicidal Minions - Chance of spawning zombie babys that will explode after some seconds

  • Pouch Finder - Chance to find additional pouchs while mining

  • Booster Finder - Chance to find boosters while mining

  • Boom Fish - Chance to spawn some cods that what they touch will explode

  • Wild Wither - Chance to spawn a wither that will break your mine

  • Plague - Chance to spawn a bat that will throw TNT of him

Enchantments configuration

We have two types of enchantments, the one that triggers random commands and the other that not, here are the examples:

Enchantments that trigger commands

   activated: true
   startingLevel: 0
   levelPickaxeReq: 5
   maxLevel: 3000
   maxPercent: 3
   eachLevelCost: (1.2*16000)*%level%
   - crate givekey Common %player% 1
   - crate givekey Special %player% 1
   - crate givekey Legacy %player% 1


If the enchant is activaated or not


The starting level you want to set to that enchantment when a new player joins the server


The pickaxe level requirement to upgrade that enchantments


The max level of the enchantments


The max percent of the enchantment to be triggered, example if maxLevel is 3000, and maxPercent is 3, in level 3000 the enchantment will have a 3% of triggering it and in level 1000 the enchantment will have a 1% of triggering it


The math formula for the cost of each level, to make the cost increase on each level


This are the commands that can randomly execute, for example if the enchantment triggers, it will only pickup 1 of the commands not all

Enchantments that doesn't triggers commands

Enchantments that doesn't have any commands to trigger, have the same config options unless the list of the commands that can be triggered

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